Virtual, augmented and mixed realities: what they are and how they will enter your life

Imagine giving seniors with financial and mobility limitations the experience of traveling the world without getting out of bed. Or test the layout of the living room with new furniture before putting it at home. These are just two of the many possibilities of virtual, augmented, and mixed realities. But what does each of these terms mean?

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Virtual reality is totally simulated by computer, you have the impression of being inside a virtual world. Some psychologists use this technology to treat patients with phobias by putting them in contact with objects that frighten them, which helps to overcome it. It is also used in journalism, where the viewer is transported to a scenario by realistically following a war or a historical event, for example.

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Augmented Reality uses virtual elements in the real world. The most famous example is the Pokemon Go smartphone game, in which Pokemons are virtual and seem to be in front of you, on the grass or the street. There are still SnapChat filters and of course, the experience you now have with your i9 magazine! Have you not use it yet ? So download the app and get your smartphone over here to talk to me and learn different professionals use these realities and innovate in their business.

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And finally, mixed reality, also known as hybrid reality or hyper-reality, occurs in the combination of the real and virtual worlds, there is interaction with physical and digital objects in real time. This is the case of the famous Microsoft HoloLens gadget, in which the user can manipulate holograms formed by the lens of the glasses. It is the junction of augmented reality with virtual reality, hence its “mixed” name. This is more complex and expensive, but it has already been used successfully in medicine where the physician can interact with ultrasound images of the patient while performing surgery.

Why are an increasing number of companies investing in these technologies? Because the results convince. It takes the relationship with the consumer to a deeper level, with greater involvement, it builds remarkable experience memories. This market is promising and future is happening right now.



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