You are at home reading i9 magazine and listening to one of your favourite pieces of music. Probably, the melody you like so much was recorded in a studio equipped with Vicoustic soundproofed materials.

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Founded in 2007, the company manufactures sound-absorbing and diffusion panels, known as bass traps (acoustic energy absorbers which are specially designed to dampen low-frequency elements), portable acoustic products and other flexible acoustic solutions for the three main business areas: music and broadcasting, hi-fi and home cinema and the construction industry.

With a strategic location in Paços de Ferreira for the manufacturing of wood, fabric and polymer-based foams, Vicoustic has a privileged access to high-quality raw materials, essential to the development of its products of excellence.

The panels, manufactured with natural wood veneer, stand out not only by their design, but especially by their exceptional acoustic properties.

The team of 38 employees has been operating since 2012, in a new logistic center of 1700 square meter floor space. Furthermore, an R&D center was set up which includes an exceptional laboratory with a volumetric room to study the low frequencies which can be transformed into an anechoic and reverberating chamber. Moreover, there are also two exhibition rooms and another fully equipped with a testing hi-fi system.

Working in partnership with advanced research centers and universities, the Vicoustic engineers are seeking to develop avant-garde solutions such as the VariBass and Wavewood Speaker products. Real success cases have come from its relation with the University of Leeds, in the UK, and the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, amongst others.captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-13-02-08

With a global presence, Guilherme Costa, Vicoustic Marketing Manager, notes that they decided to invest “in the international market, because the offer is much bigger and there are more business opportunities. However, we only sell to distribution companies and they in turn sell the products to the final customer, that is why we continue to operate in Portugal, where we have our factory and logistic center”.

Associated to international well known brands of sound systems and speakers like Bose, Bang & Olufsen, Wilson Sound, Vivid, etc…, Vicoustic has already developed projects for Facebook, Ralph Lauren and Microsoft and has also collaborated with great musical artists such as Macklemore and David Guetta.

With a top position in the acoustic market, Guilherme Costa added that Vicoustic wants to close the year with a stronger presence in the Middle East, where they have a new distributor and where they are going to participate, this month, in the Leaders in Design MENA in Dubai.




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