Use this notebook and then microwave it for reusing

Although we write a lot in the computer, nothing replaced the good old notebook. And even the notebook is now the target of innovation.

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Rocketbook is a notebook like any other at first glance, but the resemblance to out there. It combines smartphone technology with the comfort of traditional pen and paper.

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To use you just write or draw what you want in its sheets using the specific pen that comes with it. The ink of the pen is thermochromic and can be erased in a microwave oven. Each sheet has a QR code that identifies each page so that no matter what order they are photographed, they will always be in order. You need to download the smartphone app that recognizes the pages and stores everything you want from e-mail to Dropbox, Evernote, among others.

When you want to reuse the notebook, simply place it in the microwave with a mug of water on top of it until the cover logo changes from blue to white. When it cools it returns to blue color and is ready to use again.

In just two hours his creator hit the $ 20,000 goal in his first crowdfunding campaign. This is the typical innovation that we did not know we needed until we saw it in front of us.

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