The EU wants to lead the digital revolution – The Power of Digital Transformation meeting

Investing in new technologies, focusing on the cooperation between the various economic players and promoting cooperation between European governments, are the necessary elements for the EU to re-impose itself as the world leader in the digital revolution. This is the conclusion of the The Power of Digital Transformation meeting, that COTEC held on 21st October in Lisbon, in partnership with Nokia.

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The opening ceremony was addressed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, who stressed the commitment of the Portuguese government to this area, underlining the recent foundation, in partnership with COTEC, of the Industry 4.0 program. This program aims to focus  on proximity between companies and universities, as well as on the capitalization of young companies.

The minister highlighted the country’s competitive advantages that lead this digital revolution, pointing out that Portugal is endowed with high quality human resources regarding the engineering and technology sectors. It does have, also, excellent digital infrastructure, particularly in terms of optical fiber.

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-29-41 Considering the international conference Web Summit, which will be held in Lisbon from 7th to 10th November for over 50,000 participants from 150 countries, Augusto Santos Silva believes that Portugal “has the right conditions to become the European spearhead in the digital area.”

 The ceremony also had the remote participation of the European Commissioner Carlos Moedas, responsible for the Horizonte 2020 program. The commissioner recorded a video message in which he recalled that the digital world has “the potential to generate annual revenues of 110 billion euros, over the next five years, and to create 2 million jobs over the next 10 years. ”

“The EU has the ability to seize the full potential of the digital age” through the “creation of the Digital Single Market,” said the Commissioner. He also recalled that the path toward that goal includes Horizonte 2020, which has already assigned over 750 million euros since 2014 to more than 2,000 innovative SMEs. Fourty of those companies are Portuguese.

At the close of the meeting, Francisco de Lacerda, administration President of COTEC, revealed that the conclusions of the The Power of Digital Transformation meeting will be compiled and delivered to the European Commission. Thus, COTEC wishes to contribute to “the maintenance of Europe’s productivity.”captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-29-56

In addition to the aforementioned officials, the meeting had also contributions from the leaders of several national and international companies and entities, such as Digital Europe, Nokia, Vodafone, PT Portugal, Bell Labs Consulting, CIS, Grupo Impresa and Grupo GSC.  A representative of Carris / Metro e Transtejo has also taken the stage.




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