Rosie, the robot that detects corruption and recovered more than 100,000 euros

Rosie reviews receipts for expenses and finds irregularities. But do not make mistake, Rosie is a robot. Equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning, she learns and adjusts parameters on her own.

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A group of 8 young Brazilians developed the project to control the expenses of the country’s politicians. They created a robot that analyzes online what each one of the 513 deputies of the country spends of quota for the parliamentary exercise and detects irregularities. These expenses are: fuel, meals, air tickets, lodging, among others.

The project that resulted in the creation of Rosie, a tribute to the cleaning robot from Jetsons tv program, is called “Serenade of Love.” The name, which is also a chocolate consumed in Brazil, refers to the “Toblerone case”, a scandal in Sweden in the 1990s, in which a minister was convicted of buying personal items, including a chocolate, with a corporate card.

Even with a legion of volunteers, analyzing the entire volume of receipts would be almost impossible. Here the robot complements human performance. These are cases like that of a deputy who has lunched 13 times in a single day. Rosie identifies deviations, but human volunteers check and report the camera.

A collective funding campaign financed 3 months of teamwork so Rosie was created and improved. In the first month of life she detected 3,000 suspicious reimbursements and recovered the equivalent of more than 100 thousand euros. It is a return of more than 300% the amount collected in the campaign.

The entire operation is open, including its codes. The first phase is over, but the group has a new campaign to continue the project that can be expanded, and is also looking for companies that want to invest in the initiative. They still consider taking the solution to other countries such as Greece and India, which also suffer from deviations from public funds.

Corruption does not start in millions, Rosie cuts off evil in the beginning and gives us the hope of seeing a country finally clean.

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