A robot fish monitors the water quality of fish farms

A team of researchers from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in conjunction with the University of Florence has developed a robot that monitors the quality of water and moves like a real fish.

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This is not the first time that scientists announce the creation of aquatic robots, the difference of this is that he had biomimetic inspiration.

Biomimetics is innovation inspired by nature. Nature has almost 4 billion years of experience and the most unique solutions to solve problems. Why not learn from it?

The aquaculture industry supplies almost half of all fish and seafood consumed on the planet. The practice depends a lot on the quality of the water always clean and healthy. Robot fish use sensors to monitor pH levels and when it encounters overly acidic or polluted areas, the fish’s swimming patterns change while signaling where the bad spot is.

With this, aquaculture farmers can make better decisions and act on the problem at an early stage. Each fish is 30 cm long and is made from a polymer that flexes just like the backbone of a real animal. Robots do not detract from the environment, so they cause less stress on fish. This is especially useful if the robot is reused in future behavioral studies of aquatic beings.

The future in which robot fish preserve the life of real fish has finally arrived!



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