It would be great if all customers were happy with the service provided to them. That is your goal, but there is no way you are going to please everyone. This is one reason employees must know how to deal with customer complaints when they arise. The following are a few ways proper training can help employees deal with complaints.

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by Brigg Patten

Teach the Importance of Acknowledgment

An important lesson that employees will learn with training is how to recognize and acknowledge the problem. They need to understand that customers want to be understood and want their problems to be treated with respect.

Failing to treat the issue with the kind of importance the customer believes it deserves could frustrate and even anger a customer, which could make things worse.

Help Employees Break Down Problems

A customer complains because he or she wants something to be done to remedy the issue he or she is having. Now, ideally, you want to have a solution for the customer, but that is not always possible or can sometimes take some time. Training will teach employees how to break down a large problem into pieces to see if he or she can solve simple issues for the customer.

This way, the customer feels like something is being done, even though the bigger problem has not be solved. It is a good way to distract the customer and de-escalate the situation. You could definitely consider having your employees go through something like a web based training course to master this and some of the other skills mentioned here.

Workers Will Be Able to Offer Solutions

During training, your worker can learn about options that can be utilized for disgruntled customers. Having a system or a set of choices can be helpful. The goal is to make sure the disgruntled customer does not get angrier. One solution could be talking to the manager or offer company credit.

The goal of your employees is to calm the customer down. Of course, it is important that employees are well-trained in the art of calming a customer down by offering options because it needs to feel genuine, which is why something like a web based training course could be helpful. Options make customers feel like they are valued, and it makes them feel in control.

Employees Will Know When to Offer Gifts

Your employees may try hard to keep a customer cool, but that is not always successful. There is yet another lesson that your employees will be taught during training, which deals with surprising customers. The idea here is that your employees will be able to give customers who are complaining a discount or additional offers. These offers should help make the customer feel better and hopefully calm him or her down.

There could be a set of gifts, discounts, or offers that your employees are authorized to give if a customer gets too upset. Guidelines should be set so that employees know when they should offer these perks because you do not want to offer them often.

Teach Effective Methods for Staying Calm

Employees need to learn how to stay in control while customers are possibly angry or disrespectful towards them. It is human to react to a disgruntled person with anger, but that is something your employees cannot do. This is one of those skills that a professional can help refine.

Employees will learn techniques like taking a breath or excusing himself or herself for a moment in order to control emotions a little better. Exercise, yoga, and even meditation have been known to help a person calm down, which can be useful for your employees.


Hopefully, these points showed you how proper training can improve customer relations. Remember to be open to new concepts on dealing with customers because you never know which one is going to work for you.



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