Get to known the Portuguese poles of competitiveness and technology and the national clusters from North to South of the country.

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captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-34-40Addict – is the name of a Cluster of Creative Industries in Northern Portugal

Purpose: Making the Northern region of the country favourable to the creation, production and distribution of culture and creativity. Addict supports private and/or public professional organizations related to performing arts, publishing, heritage, architecture and urban development, design and advertising, film and audiovisual, visual arts and antiques, television and radio, music and software.

Foundation: 2008
Number of members: 71

Facts: Addict was founded by Fundação de Serralves (Serralves Foundation), Casa da Música, Porto Vivo – Sociedade de Reabilitação Urbana (Urban Rehabilitation Society), Associação Comercial do Porto (Porto Commercial Association), AEP – Associação Empresarial do Porto (Business Association of Porto), Fundação da Juventude (Youth Foundation), ANJE – Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs), Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portuguese Catholic University), Universidade do Porto (University of Porto) and Universidade de Aveiro (University of Aveiro).

// www.addict.pt

ADVID – Cluster dos Vinhos da Região do Douro (Cluster of the Douro Wine Region)

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-34-49Purpose: to modernize viticulture and to contribute to increasing the profitability of vineyards in the Douro region and preserving its sustainability.

Foundation: 1982
Number of members: 204

Facts: The quality of the vineyards of the Douro Region have been renowned for over 250 years.

// www.advid.pt

AIFF – Associação para a Competitividade das Indústrias da Fileira Florestal (Association for the Competitiveness of Forest Row)

Purpose: promoting the competitiveness and technology pole for forest based industries. Its commitment goes to the decrease of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the decrease of biomass and wood by-products. AIFF also aims to help qualify intensive and traditional labour.

Foundation: 2009
Number of members: 28captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-34-57

Facts: forests cover one third of the national territory. Eucalyptus, pine and cork oak are undoubtedly the most important species found in Portuguese forests. In fact, products derived from these species include paper pulp, cork and wood panels and are accountable for a major share of Portuguese exports.

// www.aiff.org.pt

Cluster do MobiliárioFurniture Cluster

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-35-10Purpose: this cluster aims to increase by 20% the export of Portuguese furniture.

Foundation: 2015
Number of members: 80

Facts: the furniture industry is part of the wood economic sector, accounting for 12% of industrial GDP, 9% of industrial employment and 12% of total Portuguese exports. The Associação para o Polo de Excelência e Inovação das Empresas de Mobiliário em Portugal (Association for the Pole of Excellence and Innovation in Furniture Companies in Portugal) results from a partnership between the municipalities of Paços de Ferreira (Capital do Móvel – Furniture Capital) and Paredes (Rota dos Móveis – Furniture Route), as well as their respective business associations.

// www.clusterdomobiliario.com

Health Cluster Portugal

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-35-20Purpose: the Health Competitiveness Pole seeks to turn Portugal into a competitive player in regard of research, development, manufacture and marketing of health-related products and services.

Foundation: 2008
Number of members: 158

Facts: Health Cluster Portugal’s members have already created 21,600 jobs, invested 127M€ in R&D and registered 2160 doctoral thesis.

// www.healthportugal.com

Oceano XXI – Cluster do Conhecimento e da Economia do Mar (Cluster of Knowledge and Economy of the Sea)

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-35-28Purpose: Oceano XXI operates in the areas of ports, logistics and maritime transport, recreational boating, fisheries, aquaculture and the fish industry, energy, minerals and marine biotechnology, naval industries, maritime services and construction works, defence and security, environment, education, training and R & DI. Oceano XXI intends to undertake, develop, innovate and modernize enterprises and procedures related to the maritime economy. This organization is also responsible for achieving new knowledge and technologies applied to the sea. Simultaneously, it fully supports the internationalization of this economic sector.

Foundation: 2015
Number of members: 135

Facts: Portugal has the 11th largest exclusive zone in the world and the 3rd largest in the EU (15 times larger than the area of mainland Portugal).

// www.oceano21.org

Polo das Indústrias de Refinação, Petroquímica e Química Industrial – Pole of the Refining Industry, Petrochemicals and Industrial Chemicals

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-35-36Purpose: infrastructural integration of the pole, by promoting relations between companies of this sector; import substitution; critical mass generation and the creation of R & D centres; the attraction of highly skilled professionals; sustainable environmental development; acceptance of local communities and attraction of international companies.

Foundation: 2008
Number of members: 29

Facts: pole promoted by AIPQR – Associação das Indústrias da Petroquímica, Química e da Refinação (Association of Petrochemical Industries, Chemical and Refining).

// www.aipqr.pt

Polo da Mobilidade (Mobility Pole)

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-35-46Purpose: Promoted by CEiiA – Centro de Engenharia para Inovação da Indústria Automóvel (Engineering Centre for the Automotive Innovation Industry). Its mission is the development of innovation and technological activities to achieve a more sustainable mobility.

Foundation: 1999
Number of partners: 40

Facts: the mobi.me system is focused on smart mobility and smart cities, having received the Innovation Award at the Green Business Week 2015 event. It was presented at COP21 in Paris (France) and is already managing the service of shared electric scooters in Barcelona.

// www.pctdamobilidade.com

Portugal Fashion Cluster – APCM – Associação Polo de Competitividade da Moda (Competitive Fashion Association Pole)

Purpose: this organization is responsible for the promotion and development of the textile, clothing, footwear and jewellery economic sectors in Portugal. Some of the strategies carried out for this cluster comprise qualification and training, responsible competitiveness, the Foundation of Instituto Português da Moda (Portuguese Institute of Fashion), the R&D project “Fashion for the Future”, the technology based project known as IMATEC and the “Fight for Fashion Campaign”, which includes the promotional campaign regarding the image of Portuguese creators and manufacturers.captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-36-02

Foundation: 2008
Number of members: 26

Facts: the APCM – Associação Polo de Competitividade da Moda (Competitiveness Fashion Association Pole) was founded in 2008, but it was not until 2009 that it was recognized as Competitiveness and Technology Pole by the Ministry of the Economy.

// www.polodamoda.pt

Portugal Foods – Polo de Competitividade e Tecnologia Agroalimentar (Competitiveness and Agri-food Technology Pole)

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-36-10Purpose: to strengthen the competitiveness of companies within the agri-food sector, by increasing their technological potential, as well as promoting the production, transfer, application and appreciation of innovation-oriented knowledge. Portugal Foods also aims to promote the internationalization of companies within this business sector, as well as to identify business opportunities and to attract new consumers.

Foundation: 2009
Number of members: 136

Facts: in 2014 this pole won the First National Prize in the Support of the Companies Internationalization category within the context of the Business Promotion European Awards.

// www.portugalfoods.org

PRODUTECH – Polo das Tecnologias de Produção (Manufactoring Technologies Pole)

Purpose: cooperation, innovation, sustainable development and internationalization of the Portuguese forefront of manufacturing technology, that is, machine, equipment and system manufacturers; system integrators; software and apps development companies; engineering and industrial consulting companies, amongst others.captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-36-58

Foundation: 2008
Number of members: 106

Facts: this pole supports Portuguese and European industries to adapt their procedures to the digital world. It also takes part in international events in regard to factories of the future, 4.0 industry and so on.

// www.produtech.org


AED Portugal – Cluster da Aeronáutica, Espaço e Defesa (Aeronautics, Space and Defence Cluster)

Purpose: the Associação Nacional de Aeronáutica, Espaço e Defesa (National Association of Aeronautics, Space and Defense – AED) promotes this cluster, which is based on three main aspects: the growth of air transport, the inclusion of space-based technologies in everyday life and the proliferation of dual-use technologies in the national economy.captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-37-06

Foundation: 2015
Number of members: 70

Facts: currently this sector is growing at a two digit level. It employs 19,000 people and generates a turnover of 1.72 billion Euros. Of this, 87% is from exports. In October the AIR DAY took place, an event that brought together national and international companies and researchers from the aeronautic sector.

// www.aedportugal.pt


Purpose: consortium that seeks to enhance the senior citizens’ role in society and the implementation of good practice for their overall well-being, as well as an active and healthy aging.captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-37-13

Foundation: 2013
Number of members: 60

Facts: the Central Region of Portugal is one of the 32 reference regions for an active and healthy aging acknowledged by the European Commission. No other region in Portugal has such a status.

// www.ageingcoimbra.pt

AgroCluster Ribatejo – Cluster Agroindustrial (Agroindustrial Cluster)

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-37-20Purpose: cluster for the agroindustrial sector of Ribatejo, Alentejo and the West, especially in regard to the sub-sectors of meat products; fruit and vegetables; production of oils and vegetable and animal fats; rice, drinks and related services.

Foundation: 2009
Number of members: 108

Facts: AgroCluster Ribatejo has already supported a number of internationalization strategies, such as international fairs and the reception of importers and trade missions. These strategies have already generated more than 600.000€ in exports to Brazil, Ecuador, USA, Dubai and Germany.

// www.agrocluster.com

Centro Habitat – Cluster Habitat Sustentável (Sustainable Habitat Cluster)                                                                                                          

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-37-27Purpose: its strategy encompasses three action projects: internationalization and business; eco-innovation and industrial promotion of the building materials sector, construction and real estate industries, as well as other property and equipment suppliers to sustainable territories and cities.

Foundation: 2009
Number of members: 152

Facts: in 2013, Centro Habitat launched DAPHabitat, a registration system for environmental product declarations (www.daphabitat.pt), in order to promote the efficient use of resources in regard to habitat.

// www.centrohabitat.net/pt

EnergyIN – Polo de competitividade e Tecnologia da Energia (Energy and Technology Competitiveness Pole)                                                                                           

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-37-38Purpose: to create synergies between energy companies established in Portugal and NSTS entities in order to improve their competitiveness, simultaneously focusing on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

Foundation: 2008
Number of members: 13

Facts: in addition to addressing the areas of energy efficiency, as well as solar and wind energies, Energyin also focuses on studies about non-fossil fuels in regard to sustainable mobility, biomass, hydrogen and energy storage.

// www.energyin.pt

Engineering & Tooling                                                                                      

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-37-43Purpose: as the cluster that integrates molding industries, special tools and plastics, Engineering & Tooling intends to develop, produce and integrate new tools and molds and machinery in an enlarged chain for automotive markets, aviation, health, energy and environment, electronics and packaging.

Foundation: 2008
Number of members: 70

Facts: with the creation of the collective brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal”, exports grew 40% in 2012.

// www.toolingportugal.com

InovCluster- Associação do Cluster AgroIndustrial do Centro (Cental Region Agro-Industrial Cluster Association)                                                                                         

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-37-49Purpose: to establish Portugal’s Central Region as a leading territory in regard to the agri-food economic sector at a national, Iberian and European level, sustained in the uniqueness and quality of its agro-resources and products.

Foundation: 2009
Number of members: 177

Facts: the Portuguese agri-food sector represents 20% of the manufacturing industry, consisting of 10,500 companies. This sector employs 104.000 people and represents a turnover of 14.600M€.

// www.inovcluster.pt

TICE.PT – Polo das Tecnologias de Informação, Comunicação e Eletrónica (Pole of Information Technology, Communications and Electronics)                                                                                           

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-37-58Purpose: to build a platform which mobilizes the main players of TICE with respect to innovation, R & D, knowledge transfer, manufacture, marketing of products, services and internationalization, in order to turn Portugal into a large global benchmark in this particular sector by 2020.

Foundation: 2008
Number of members: 54

Facts: TICE.PT has created the platform In Business (www.560inbusiness.pt), which integrates information on Portuguese products and services and also on the Portuguese diaspora. Soon, TICE.PT will integrate data on the Sistema Científico e Tecnológico nacional (Scientific and Technological System – NSTS).

// www.tice.pt


Cluster da Pedra Natural (Natural Stone Cluster)

captura-de-ecra-2016-10-27-as-12-38-06Purpose: the internationalization, sustainability and competitiveness of the natural stone industry via strategic projects which include the enhancement of stone, environmental sustainability of the mining industry and INOVSTONE – new technologies for the competitiveness of stone.

Number of members: 34

Facts: this cluster has created the brand of Portuguese natural stone – STONE.PT – and developed new extraction systems and processing of natural stone, as well as new architectural products.

// www.valorpedra.pt

*In 2009 these centres were acknowledged as Collective Efficiency Strategies (EEC)