Playground made of recycled material ensures children in Africa play

Ruganzu Bruno, while still an art student at Kyambogo University in Uganda, dreamed of being an artist like Picasso. One day he saw children playing in one of his garbage sculptures in the city. He realized then that he should shift the focus from the sculptures to playgrounds.

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Seeing the young people interacting with his art reminded him of his own childhood in the countryside. He then went on to recruit artists and friends to bring the new project to life.

Since then its organization, Eco-Art Uganda builds playgrounds made of garbage. The children themselves design the toys of their dreams and Eco-Art sets to work to make the dreams come true. The toys are all mobile, so that the communities can lend them or exchange among themselves.

© Ruganzu Bruno

© Ruganzu Bruno

To make things even better, the project also contributes to the reduction of accumulated garbage piles on the outskirts of the city and raise the environmental awareness of the entire population. All kinds of plastic and metal waste can be used, from broken TVs and old tires to plastic bottles.

© Ruganzu Bruno

In the last year Bruno won 10,000 euros in a contest and used part of the money to create a new playground in a local school with support of the population who actively participated in the collection of materials and construction. The rest of the contest money is being spent on a new project that will support creative new businesses by women eco-artists in Kireka.

Bruno finally feels fulfilled, his work has a positive impact on people’s lives.



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