ISEP BIM – Conference stimulates interconnections between university and companies

The Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto BIM (ISEPBIM) in partnership with Revit Technology Conference (RTC) undertook a training course from 17th to 19th October, with the objective of disclosing the Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Portugal.

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Over three days, nearly 30 students, professors and entrepreneurs shared their knowledge and discussed the way technology, through the software systems, has enabled the creation of scenarios, anticipating problems and the reduction in costs of realization and, in this way, improving the decision taking.

“They  are virtual models which contain information and are shared by all subjects and all phases, from the conception to the structure’s exploitation, explains Rui Gavina, an old student who is an ISEPBIM member. “This is management based on technology. All people know the difficulties that exist in the communication between involved agents, as well as documents that are modified and are viewed by a lot of people”, continues about the main objective of BIM, a group created inside the engineering department of ISEP by one year and a half.

Consisting of 12 elements of the ISEP engineering department, part of former are students and teachers of the ISEP. Diogo Ribeiro of the Civil Engineering Department of ISEP, explains that BIM seeks to disseminate “BIM methodologies among the student community and businesses, one to brainstorm about the concepts of the area, exchange of views and organizations with international initiatives as exemplified Revit Technology Conference (RTC)”.

“It was born of a program of internships in the business environment. Both I and other students, we saw that we were having an experience and know-how that we had to share with others”, Rui Gavina. To “help spread the BIM methodology in Portugal”, they had decided to join the Revit Technology Conference (RTC).

The partnership with RTC means the meeting of joint efforts to “anticipate how the massive dynamics works. With a 3D software we want to anticipate and prevent risks by adjusting the model to the people involved”, explains Silvia Taurer, representing the RTC.

The Fast Track Courses (FTC) is designed for an introductory level training and through. The classes, taught in English, were attended by internationally renowned experts with an acknowledged experience, such as Jeremy Tammik (Autodesk), Adam Sheather (RTC) e Décio Ferreira (Foster+Partners, UK).

On the first day of the event, the general concepts of BIM methodologies were addressed, the rules and procedures implemented in the AEC community, based on the Revit platform and Lumion rendering program.

The next day, the subject focused on automation procedures, particularly at the interconnection between the BIM and automatic calculation program structures, the possibilities of Revit API programming tools, and the use of a graphical programming language in Dynamo environment.

In the third and last day collaborative platforms were addressed, in particular the coordination methods between the various specialties of a project, including the detection of conflicts, based on Navisworks platform, and with the support of geometric surveys using the Laser scaning technology.

BIM Conference – Trends and Innovations (BIMTI), one of the events organized as part of the partnership, which was held on 14 September at the ISEP, mobilized some 190 participants from various companies and educational institutions.

This was the first edition of a partnership that is expected to last. “This training course differs from others because it is very practical, it allows students to use software. It also encourages decision making, which can be a way of entering the labour market“, stressed Diogo Ribeiro.

Under this partnership, Alfândega do Porto received the RTC – Building Content Summit from October 20 to 22. An event that allowed to put the theoretical knowledge in practice with the promotion of a laboratory environment for three days.



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