Is it hard to find your better half?

How about delegating this task to a bot on Facebook?

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When do you want to meet someone new, what do you do? Do you go to a nightclub? Invites a person to have a coffee? Ask a friend to present a new contact? What do you think of having a modern helper for this task?

Lara can help you find you better half. Lara is a bot from the dating site. She will look for people based on your interests.

In a quick chat where she will ask your age, location and sexual preferences, she will prompt the user to open an account on the site – all in Facebook’s Messenger.

Image credit: PSFK

After setting up the account, Lara continues to ask questions about the qualities you expect to find in a potential partner and to send recommendations with pictures in the chat so you can choose what best fits your interests. It can scan up to 50 categories of user profile criteria, including astrological signs and personal imperfections.

Whenever two users are of mutual interest, it’s a match! Who knows, if this is not the opportunity for singles to change their relationship status on Facebook. Despite all her sympathy, it’s just not worth falling in love with Lara, she’s a robot, ok?



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