Online compliance training is often looked at in a negative light, and with good reason. Required compliance training can be boring, and employees are less likely to take the training seriously when they don’t enjoy it. Is there a way to change this issue and make compliance online training more appealing to employees? Absolutely!

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by Brigg Patten

By implementing different strategies, you can make your compliance online training one that your employees will never forget. A specific strategy is by turning this training into a game for your employees where they can earn rewards for their hard work.

Make the Rules Simple

Before beginning your compliance game, you should write out the rules of the game. Just like any other game, the rules are extremely important to ensuring that the players, or in this case employees, play fair, and all players have a chance to win the ultimate prize. With proper rules and guidelines set in place, your employees will know what is expected of them during the game. Guidelines will also help your employees know how to play the game which is really your compliance online training. However, the rules aren’t the only thing you need to motivate your employees to play your compliance game.

Give Great Rewards

In addition to clear guidelines and rules, you should have a reward or several rewards set in place that are worthwhile and in demand enough to motivate your employees to play the game. If you only give a small reward for completing the training and each employee gets the same thing, your players might not be as motivated to get started. However, if you offer a great prize for the first to finish the game, you might have more employees focused on getting that reward. Another interesting thing to do is add several badges or points that add up through the entire game to motivate your employees to keep going until the compliance online training is completed. Take a page from Gyrus and creating a motivation factor for your employees.

Combine the Real World with the Game

When you combine real-world concepts and situations with the game ideas, you are challenging your employees to use their mind and common sense to complete the tasks and goals. Not only does the combination of the real-world with the game concepts benefit your employees, but it also benefits you as well. How? Well, watching your employees complete these tasks also gives you feedback which you can use to keep your company organized. You can also keep track of your employees’ progress during the compliance game, ensuring they are following the rules and meeting the goals you laid out for them.

Make the Online Course a Serious Game

If you don’t take the compliance online training game seriously, then do you expect your employees to take the game serious as well? By taking the game seriously and creating a real game, you are expressing the importance of your compliance policies. Little by little, your employees will come to realize that your policies are set in place for a reason, and these policies are to be taken seriously. The game might be fun, but it is also a way for your employees to learn and retain the information provided in the game. Raptivity discusses the ways to create a game without actually having to stress out about creating a game.

Implement Surveys for Feedback

Though you will be gaining feedback through the game online, you might want some feedback to keep handy in hard copies. Another good idea to implement during your compliance online training game is to utilize traditional methods of feedback. These methods can include surveys, polls, questionnaires, or basic questions to ask for specific feedback about the policies, the game, or the company in general. You can spice it up a bit by adding different gamification elements to the feedback. Offering badges or points for each feedback method completed is a great way to ensure that your employees are finishing the feedback surveys and turning them into you.


Compliance training online doesn’t have to be boring or stiff. Since this training typically gets a negative rap, you can work to change the minds of your employees by changing up your training. Gamification of your compliance online training can motivate your employees to complete the training and retain the information of the policies you provided. With feedback and incentives, your employees can complete this training quickly and enjoy doing it at the same time.



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