Food stained clothes?

With this new fabric this is past!

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Food stains are common in any chef’s uniforms. And, despite commonplace, the stains also denote a lack of cleanliness of the professional clothing. Many kitchen chefs even have extra clothes to change during the day before contacting restaurant customers.

Thinking about it the Australian startup Fabricor has created a stain-resistant fabric uniform and the effect remains even after successive washes. The most curious is that there is no plastic in the fabric formulation, it is made of 100% hydrophobic cotton. This repellent property occurs thanks to the company’s patented nanotechnology, which adds tiny “mustaches” to the fibers of the fabric, increasing its power to prevent the penetration of liquids into the fabric. There is one caveat: the fabric does not repel highly adhered oil stains. The washing, however, is simple and does not require bleach or fabric softener.

The startup started production after raising money in a crowdfunding campaign and now the sale is open to the public on their website. This innovation, besides making life easier for those who work in the kitchen, also saves water from the several washes avoided. The first customer of the company is the co-founder himself, chef Adrian Li, who suffered to keep his uniforms clean and found no satisfactory solution in the market.

For the future, the company intends to serve also the medical-hospital industry. The idea is great and maybe one day we’ll have all our clothes like that and no one else will have to worry about a coffee stain on the shirt before that important meeting?



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