The i9 magazine is a monthly magazine that, through text and image, aims to highlight national projects, in the following nine areas: innovation, research and knowledge, entrepreneurial ideas, incubation and technological parks, internet and new technologies, social inclusion, industry, internationalization, incentive and tourism promotion.

The i9magazine is based on the principles of impartiality, transparency and editorial rigour, strictly following the ethical rules of journalism, with no ideological, political and / or economic conviction.

The i9 magazine recognizes that new technological possibilities of information enable an effective and appealing journalism, in continuous interaction with its readers.

The i9 magazine advocates that informed public opinion, active and involved, is crucial to a pluralistic democracy and to an open and unified society.

The i9 magazine believes in the diversity of ideas, although it might express its own opinions, being guided by the principle that hard facts and free opinions must undoubtedly be separated.