Ceramic made with human ashes is the newest way to preserve the memory of those who passed away

Losing a loved one is always a sad and painful event, but the American designer Justin Crowe has created a different way of preserving the memory of people and animals that have passed away. He is the founder of Chronicle Cremation Designs, which produces pottery using cremation ashes

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Although it seems macabre at first sight, the intention is to stimulate the conversation about what death and remembrance means. While some prefer to bury their deceased persons and animals, others opt for cremation. Some keep the ashes and others scatter them, so why not turn them into beautiful pieces?

Each batch of enamel produced with ashes is enough to make up to 25 pieces like mugs and bottles, pendants or whatever the customer wants. The first tests were made with bones bought on the internet, but the trajectory of the designer began with the death of his grandfather, which impacted him and changed his perspective on life.

Justin’s innovative idea allows you to “get coffee every morning with your grandmother’s memories or revive stories at family dinners from a bowl on the table.” There is no right or wrong in each one’s attitude towards mourning. Integrating someone’s ashes into pottery is an innovative way of remembering, creating a kind of “immortality.” And you, how do you deal with mourning?

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