Born from Knowledge winners – Immerson program for the best ideas

There is no lack of great ideas among the 10 participant science-based projects in the immersion program provided by ANI – a GPS technology for indoor spaces, innovative pharmaceutical pictograms, a brain signals reading system, a wearable device for cyclists or a smart breathalyser service.

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These are some of the projects that benefited from the opportunity to participate in the program as a prize for winning IDEAS – Concurso Nacional de Ideias Inovadoras, a national contest for innovative projects, in their respective categories. The main goal was providing support for the teams in regard to the development of their business ideas, as well as improving their ability for pitching and networking. In fact, these are very relevant aspects in the context of the Web Summit event.

The contest was sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MSTES) within the Born from Knowledge program. According to the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Fernanda Rollo, it showed that “(…) the ability to undertake and innovate must be grounded in training, research and knowledge”.

Awarded projects:

1 | Audio-GPS – GPS for indoor spaces
2 | PictoPharma – Pharmaceutical Pictogram System
3 | Mindreach
4 | LEDViser
5 | Pitbox
6 | IdeaMovie
7 | Role of bioengineering and regenerative medicine in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) intra-articular reconstruction
8 | Neuropsycad
9 | ARCHI Green +
10 | RoomsCoimbra



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