RevOILution, the machine for the homemade olive oil

Anyone who has ever tasted fresh olive oil, homemade, will know the difference in flavor compared to the bottles bought on supermarket. Here in Portugal I have the luxury of savoring the tastiest olive oil I have ever tasted, but not everyone has access to it. To solve the issue, Italian startup RevOILution has created an olive oil machine for domestic use.

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The equipment works with cold pressing, takes up little space and is easy to clean. Such as a juicer, you may simply insert the olives and press the button. The cycle takes only 45 minutes. On one side the oil comes out and the other crushed residue, which can be used as fertilizer for the soil.

The idea is interesting, but it requires raw olives, which makes the acquisition specially hard in urban areas where people do not have olive trees in the backyard. The startup programs to sell packages of sanitized olives, but they have not yet reported the cost of the pack. The do-it-yourself movement is a strong trend, but the price of the machine is still high, around 5,000 euros, inhibiting its acquisition.

While we wait for a version of the machine that fits not only in our home, but also in our pocket, we settle with the good olive oils bottles on the market… and keep dreaming about a high tech kitchen. What machine is more than essencial in your kitchen?



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