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Emprego em Portugal

Investing in new technologies, focusing on the cooperation between the various economic players and promoting cooperation between European governments, are the necessary elements for the EU to re-impose itself as the world leader in the digital revolution. This is the conclusion of the The Power of Digital Transformation meeting, that COTEC held on 21st October in Lisbon, in partnership with Nokia.

Access to investors. For the next three years the Web Summit will take place in Lisbon. This global benchmark event in the field of information technologies will establish itself as a step forward towards the development of technological entrepreneurship in Portugal. It is expected that start-ups will gain more and better access to new customers and partners and have greater visibility among venture capital investors.

As an independent nation, Portugal was founded in 1143. Its boundaries have remained unchanged since then. It is arguably the oldest country in the world. Portugal began the globalization process in the fifteenth century, becoming the first political and economic power on a truly global scale. So how can the oldest country in the world and a pioneer of globalization be dubbed as a startup?